Author: laurenbassart

In the midst of the Canadian Badlands in the town of Drumheller is a place of great wonder called the Royal Tyrrell Museum. The Royal Tyrrell Museum is Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to the science of paleontology. It also houses one of the world’s largest displays of dinosaurs. After visiting this museum on our first trip to Alberta we decided we needed to see it again to take in all the amazing history and science that this place has to offer.

Taking road trips is something we are known for. We spent many months covering ground in Alberta and seeing as much of the province as we could. Even our little GTI VW is pretty well-known for the miles that she has covered with us. Alas, I have had a change of heart recently on the proper way to see the countryside in beautiful Alberta. Fair warning: once you try this, traveling by car will never be the same. We spent this early spring day expanding our own road trip horizons with Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures. This is what a road trip was meant to be.


There seems to be a lot more hotels showing up on our radar that understand the need for accepting pets. Folks like us, want to take our pets on vacations and not have to worry about boarding or burdening friends and family. Most “pet-friendly” hotels though are just regular hotels that charge you a fee to let you bring Fido with you on your vacation. Some of the better hotels waive the “Fido-fee” and maybe give your pet a treat or two during their stay. Aloft Hotels on the other hand really and truly understand the meaning behind the term “Pet-Friendly Hotel” and they take this term very seriously.