Rambling Guide to Canada Category: Hotels

Having stayed at hundreds of hotels (from budget chains to luxury resorts), I can tell you that most hotel lobbies fail miserably at being interesting. While they may have tasteful decor and just the right amount of seating space, most are filled with neutral colors and boring “art” pieces that do more to fill space than to intrigue guests. Most hotels serve as a base where you have to go out and explore to get a feel for the city’s vibe. Well the team at Hotel Arts, located in the heart of downtown Calgary, AB,  has done the exact opposite. They have embraced art as a way to bring the city to its visitors. In doing so, they have accomplished something unique and incredible.


There seems to be a lot more hotels showing up on our radar that understand the need for accepting pets. Folks like us, want to take our pets on vacations and not have to worry about boarding or burdening friends and family. Most “pet-friendly” hotels though are just regular hotels that charge you a fee to let you bring Fido with you on your vacation. Some of the better hotels waive the “Fido-fee” and maybe give your pet a treat or two during their stay. Aloft Hotels on the other hand really and truly understand the meaning behind the term “Pet-Friendly Hotel” and they take this term very seriously.